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  • Plasmon-Induced Electrocatalysis with Multi-Component Nanostructures

    Noble metal nanostructures are exceptional light absorbing systems, in which electron–hole pairs can be formed and used as “hot” charge carriers for catalytic applications. The main goal of the emerging field of plasmon-induced catalysis is to design a novel way of finely tuning the activity and selectivity of heterogeneous catalysts. The designed strategies for the…

  • Exploiting the Synergetic Behavior of PtPd Bimetallic Catalysts in the Selective Hydrogenation of Glucose and Furfural

    Mono and bimetallic catalysts based on Pt and Pd were prepared by a co-precipitation method. They were tested in liquid phase hydrogenation reactions of glucose and furfural at low temperature and pressure. The bimetallic PtPd/TiO2 catalyst proved to be an efficient material in selectively hydrogenating glucose to sorbitol. Moreover, high furfural conversion was attained under…